After clicking on BUY NOW, you will be taken to PayPal Enter in your PayPal login information to make the payment. 

When you are ready to purchase the RSVP service, go to the SCAN NOW page and input any WintTech Discount Code you have and click BUY NOW. 

After the file has downloaded, click on the file and choose run. 

When your appointment has been scheduled, please return to the website and you will see a 'WinTech Remote Tool' button that will allow for you to download the remote tool. 

After completing the payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please click on the 'Click Here' link and this will begin the process of scheduling a virus scan. 

WinTech Professionals will use TeamViewer to securely connect to your computer and install and scan your computer while you watch. Some computer users may find installing and scanning difficult, and allowing a WinTech Professional to assist with the installation and scan is advised. 

             *A WinTech Professional will never ask for passwords or personal information.

WinTech uses safe, quality, and secure Free Version of MalwareBytes for the primary virus scan. Other scanning tools will be used to remove adware, spyware and browser cluttering toolbars. If you are interested in purchasing a license for a anti-malware software, please let your WinTech professional know.